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Alyssa W

 I had the most beautiful gown I ever could have imagined. I felt beyond beautiful and most of all, deeply understood by my designer. On the wedding day, wearing the complete design was so bittersweet. I was elated that the day had finally arrived but very sad that this would be the end of the dress making process. I loved every single second of working with Lara and I am beyond grateful for all she has done for me.


Having a custom made dress means that I don't have to cross my fingers wishing that what I want is going to be available off the rack. It means that there's not going to be a salespeople pushing you to buy something you're not sure about. I wanted something simple and classy and Lara gave me that and more... She made me a dress more beautiful than I could've imagined that's timeless.


Not only is she incredibly talented but, she is such a loving, caring person who truly makes you feel so comfortable. The process of being able to work with her, going to fittings and watching your dress come to life was something I will cherish forever!!

I highly recommend Lara, to any bride who may be hesitant on wanting to try dresses on because they arent happy with their bodies, brides who just cant seem to find the one, or brides who want something extremely memorable to enhance their wedding dress journey!!

Lara, you are amazing! Thank you !!


Where I do I begin? From the moment I met Lara I felt an immediate connection. Her personality and spunk was infectious and made me so excited about my custom gown. I loved how I could easily bounce ideas off her and how she could take my ideas and embellish upon them. My decision to commit to working with her was largely due to her dedication to me and my vision. Her understanding of movement and the woman’s body is unparalleled. Her creativity is unmatched. It was awe-inspiring to see her build something out of nothing, taking ideas and making them real. The whole process was surreal. Working with her was a pleasure. She made my dreams come true. She was like my very own fairy godmother. She is passionate, talented, and overall just a great human being. I had the BEST experience witnessing her create true art. I thank her with every bit of my heart for taking my dream and making it reality!


I reached out to Lara a month before my wedding for a custom made maternity wedding dress. I tried to find dresses online but had no success. I was so upset and felt that finding a dress that I felt beautiful in would be impossible given the fact that I was going to be six months pregnant on my wedding day. Lara was beyond enthusiastic, positive and compassionate towards my situation and rapidly changing body. She was such a pleasure to work with. My dress is beyond perfect. I felt beautiful on my wedding day and received so many compliments on it. I would love to work with Lara again and I would highly recommend her services.


There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing this woman is. I went to DOZENS of places to try on dresses. I knew what I wanted but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I finally did a google search to see what else was out there and I came across Lara. I gave her a call and knew right away that she was what I needed. She was comforting (which I so needed at that point), enthusiastic, and so incredibly kind. You could tell right away that she is the type of person who genuinely loves what she does. She asked me what my budget was and we talked about my options. She asked me to send her photos of what I liked and didn’t like and then she created a vision board for me, which even included her own sketches (so amazing). Each appointment I had with her my dress was put together a bit more and I was amazed each time - let me also mention... she was VERY pregnant while doing all of this. Talk about dedication - NOTHING could stop her. She even altered a bridesmaid dress for me THREE WEEKS after her baby was born. I mean - she’s amazing. As my wedding date got closer we had more fittings and with each fitting I was floored as to how it all came together. Her vision is truly impeccable. The day of my wedding she came to my parents’ house, steamed my dress, helped put me in my dress and hung around to make sure it was all perfect. When I got to the church she met us there to make sure before I walked down the aisle my dress was flawless and she also did a quick once over with the steamer. You literally will not find a more dedicated woman. She was such a pleasure to work with. I not only found someone to make my wedding dream dress but I found a friend. She checks up on me (still to this day), she’s always positive, and she’s so caring. I’m so thankful for finding her. If there’s even a question of whether to work with her don’t even think about it - just do it. You will NOT regret it!


Lara is an amazing talent. I could not imagine a more perfect dress or a better experience --she is warm, professional and clearly dedicated to making her clients feel and look fabulous. I will definitely use her again and would recommend her without reservation.


Lara is an incredible designer. She created 2 customized dresses for me for media events I attended as a pageant title holder. They are gorgeous and fit me like a glove. I have received numerous compliments on my dresses! These are dresses that are well made, classic, with some flair, that I know I’ll hold onto for a very, very long time! Lara listens to your likes, dislikes and your body type to create the perfect custom dress for YOU. She is kind, knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. I will definitely be working with Lara again soon and I HIGHLY recommend her!


I don’t have enough positive words to say! I found Lara because my brother’s wife used her and spoke highly of her! I bought my dress and lost close to 20 lbs, and I’m short, I’m so Lara had her work cut out.. she had to hem, take it in, in multiple areas and when I went to pick it up I guess I lost more and she had to do more work, but she called me about an hour later and said it was done! She made sure it was perfect for me and it was so appreciated! She also has a room full of beautiful dresses she designs herself! She’s an attentive, fun, easy going person who surely has a passion for her what she does! I am so grateful that I used her for my wedding dress! I’ll only be doing this once in my life so I’ll be sending my friends her way ! 5+ stars!


Lara is and UNBELIEVABLE dressmaker with ideas that surpass traditional, out of the box, and FABULOUS !! She made me, mother of the bride, a dress that was a show stopper. She listens to your ideas, even asks for pictures ......she then creates. And when I say creates......she gives it a new meaning. Her creativity is Savvy, her ideas Edgy. Lara is kind, patient, and makes each stitch and cut a reflection of your own body and statute. She makes a dress of commitment and love- TO YOU. know how you just don't trust anyone to "get what you're talking about?" Well......Lara does.


Lara made my daughters sweet 16 dress and it was absolute perfection. She created an amazing dress off my daughters vision that suited her style perfectly. Lara was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her. Thank so much for making Alina’s day perfect.


Professional, talented, and got it just right!!!!!


Lara is amazing. Such a down-to-earth woman with out-of-this-world vision and talent... just amazing!


I did not have the pleasure of working with Lara, but I reached out to her because I was considering a custom made gown. I had been to so many different bridal salons and while I found a few dresses I liked, I kept wishing I could combine them to make the “perfect” dress. Meanwhile, my wedding day was fast approaching. I contacted Lara and the first thing out of her mouth was to acknowledge how sad it was that this process, which one hopes will be fun, was turning into such a stressful one for me. She then asked me to send her an email describing my perfect dress, with pictures to help if necessary. I wrote her this very detailed email and she contacted me the next day with a quote that was far more reasonable than I ever expected! I told Lara that my mother, who was paying for a large portion of my dress, wanted me to go to a few more salons before committing to a custom gown. Lara never attempted to talk me into the custom gown. I was really impressed by that: someone else may have kept trying to make a sale. She wished me luck enthusiastically and even texted me to check in after I visited another salon. I could tell that she just wanted me to be a happy bride. I ended up finding the perfect dress just two days after speaking to her last, but I thought she was one of the kindest professionals I’ve ever met. My only regret about the dress I bought is that I didn’t get to work with Lara! I trust that she would have made an amazing dress for me.


Book Lara Asap. She's amazing. I've never had a custom gown so I didn't know what to expect. The bride wanted a certain Gatsby look for her epic wedding and since her dress was being custom made, the bridesmaids dresses were custom made as well. All the bridesmaids shared a corseted top but each of us were allowed to pick the bottom to fit our personality and taste. Lara and I chatted a bit at our first measurement fitting so she could get to know me and by the end of our 4 meetings (for fittings and adjustments) I was presented with an awesome dress!!! Its uh-f*ing-mazing.  The corseted top fit me like second skin and the corset, since it was designed just for me, had extra extra, extra padding on my flat-chest area and it resulted in some mega cleavage!!!!!  If you're a bride I 100% recommend going with a custom gown. Period. You'll not be wearing a cookie cutter dress! I can't explain how amazing it is having something fit you soooo perfectly that it really move with you and is like second skin!


I had the immense pleasure of wearing one of Lara's creations as a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding. Not only did she listen to my all too specific requirements (e.g. No butt bows, big pockets), but she managed to make a dress so uniquely 'me' that I still receive compliments on how well it suits me. Yep, I still wear it, years later. How many of us can say that about our bridesmaid dresses? Well I can, about Lara's dress. Beautiful, elegant, fun, and WELL MADE! I'm grateful I get to wear something by her as long as my waistline will let me!!! Highly recommended.


Simply amazing! I was lucky enough to wear a custom designed Lara Knight couture gown as a bridesmaid and will definitely be coming back for my next special occasion. Her attention to detail and expert understanding of design partnered with fit is unmatched in this arena. It's almost as if she can see the design forming within the fabric before it's even cut. Lara is a personable designer that truly listens to her clients wants and puts them into a reality beyond expectation. If you are looking for a truly personal design experience, I highly recommend Lara Knight above all others!!!


My dress was everything I ever wanted. I felt amazing. Her attention to detail and eye for design are so great! My ideas were a bit jumbled and she helped me get it just right. At a fitting, she had the length we agreed on, but once we put it on, we dropped the skirt and I looked 5x taller! She knew it, I knew it, and she made it perfect! She even cleverly added a piece of my mother's dress into mine because her dress was not at all like mine--a little pocket inside was genius. Speaking of interior, the dress is so well made I could wear it inside out! It was comfortable and I didn't tug on it all night. She also made me a party dress that was fun, stylish and comfortable! I couldn't ask for anything more! I feel privileged to have worn a Lara Knight!


Lara Knight is one talented person. She did my mother-of-the-bride gown. Not only did she style the gown to make me look taller than I am, the fit was perfect and the gown was so comfortable. The beautiful beaded lace was exquisite and the hem was detailed with hand-appliqued scallops. Thanks for making me feel special for my daughter's wedding.


I cannot express how amazing Lara is with her clients. I am a wedding planner and I not only helped her with her wedding but have referred her to my clients to make their dream wedding dresses. Aside from the fact that Lara is one of the sweetest and heartwarming people I have ever met, she goes above and beyond for her clients and their needs. You can be the pickiest bride when it comes to creating your wedding dress from scratch and Lara handles each and every client with at utmost amount of patience and understanding. Her designs are unique, beautiful and priceless. You will be a one of a kind bride walking down that aisle with the dress she created just for you on the most special day of your life. Her extreme passion and love for what she does is not like any other dress designer I have ever worked with. Lara's attention to detail and eye for fashion is what helps brides create the dress of their dreams. Not to mention if you think how can I afford a designer dress? Think again! Lara will work with you to create ways to stay within your budget! I highly, highly recommend Lara to any bride I work with and they have done nothing but rave about her from the moment they meet her. Lara will not only make you fall in love with your dress, but her as well! Thank you again and again for all your hard work, you are one in a million!


After meeting with my wedding planner and discussing my frustrations with the limited dress selections she told me about her former client and friend who designed wedding gowns. I was immediately so excited but also apprehensive. I felt that even if she could understand my wedding gown vision, how could I possibly afford a custom gown? We met for the first time at a cozy little cafe near her home and discussed my ideas as well as budget. I was ecstatic to learn that we were both on the same page in terms of executing my ideas and that I could actually afford to do this! From there we were in constant communication and the appointments began. From the second I met Lara I felt the passion she had for what she does. I felt like a huge priority in her life and I knew that she genuinely wanted to make my wedding dress dream come to fruition. She also had such an incredibly beautiful home that was beyond inviting. In no time it really just felt like getting together with a friend every few weeks and creating something amazing together. I think the most wonderful thing about Lara is how easy it is to work with her. Maybe 6 weeks before the wedding I had a design change I wanted to make. I was a little concerned she might react poorly to this, but the experience was actually the exact opposite. She was very honest about what was realistic at this point but also said she would not have an issue making these changes. I always felt like my feedback and questions were welcome. At no point did I feel like Lara imposed any ideas on me. Any suggestions she made were solely to enhance the look of the gown. Needless to say, after all was said and done I had the most beautiful gown I ever could have imagined. I felt beyond beautiful and most of all, deeply understood by my designer. On the wedding day, wearing the complete design was so bittersweet. I was elated that the day had finally arrived but very sad that this would be the end of the dress making process. I loved every single second of working with Lara and I am beyond grateful for all she has done for me.


I've been a bridesmaid in eight weddings and my most favorite dress (hands down!) was the one designed and made my Lara as it fit perfectly and was so flattering! Lara sketched different designs for all five of us from the same fabric (and color), each unique to each woman to insure we were all happy with the cut and fit. Everyone looked amazing and felt confident and comfortable in our custom dresses! Lara is incredibly talented and lovely to work with, I would recommend her only if you want your bridesmaids to be delighted and look gorgeous!

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